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Montgomery County Korean & AAPI residents to Take Action!

Since George Floyd’s murder on May 25th the unrest and uprising for justice has continued and many more Black and Brown community members are no longer with us. While some people have chosen to step up and raise their voice against police brutality, addressing the systemic issues and anti-blackness, some have chosen to be silent or have opposed the calls for needed change, such as Montgomery County Commissioner Joseph Gale. Commissioner Gale issued a statement to not be on the side of community members and chose to vilify a whole community,  and the Black Lives Matter movement. Gale has chosen not to be a leader during a time where moral and strong leadership is needed and it’s clear to everyone that Joe Gale must no longer be in his position as commissioner. Montgomery County comprises many Korean and AAPI community members and their voices are joining the movement against police brutality. We ask all Korean and AAPI community members to take a stand against injustice and join the growing call for Joe Gale to resign or be removed from office, be in solidarity with POC communities against police brutality, and address the systemic issues within the county.

Take Action Now by signing the petition to call for his resignation and contact your legislators! 

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